Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Voted- Did You?

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2013
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Well we just got back from Voting!

I took my daughter Angel :D

I'm glad I did. It only took a few minutes and that was without having a card...I moved and it didn't find me. :( Anyways I didn't think there would be any issues and there wasn't I am happy to say.

On the way over Angel and I talked about our voting system. I was sad to tell her that the way we vote is all weird because you don't actually vote for the main guy or girl, they get elected because you voted for the person running for the same party that you like in your area. It shouldn't be this way. You may not even like that person. I tried to explain it's very complicated but that at least we have this privilege to vote. In some countries horrible things happen when people try to vote so we are very lucky.

I was having this conversation as I had got my tail feathers ruffled as we were leaving to vote. We saw a neighbour and asked if they voted yet. Sadly they said "No, I never vote!"

Arrrgghhhh!!! That just makes me crazy...this person is the same age as me and has a child the same age as mine and has been thru many similar things, yet they just said... "Nope, don't even get me started. "

What kind of example is that. What does that say to her child. Will her child grow up thinking that she doesn't matter, that her vote doesn't count, that she can't make a difference and it's not even worth the effort to try.

My girl talks about being the Prime Minister. I don't want to be negative or talk her out if it so I try to say positive things but I tell her it's not a very nice job in politics. People say mean things about you and it's tough. She's a tough kid though and she wants to change the world and I have a feeling there won't be much I can do if she decides to. Today she told me they should have elections like in Warrior Cats and we had a long chat about that on the way to the poll.

So at the poll she got to see how it's done. And we talked about how agonizing it was for me to vote NDP instead of for my beloved Greens. I'm so sorry! :( I know that money that he's promising for the kids isn't much but it's a little something and hopefully they can undo and heal some of the destruction that Gordon Campbell and the evil liberals did during there evil reign of power.

And we can stop listening to Christie Clark and all the fakeness about families first and her flip flopping and lack of concern for the environment.

Please let this be it. Please God, let this be the end of their heartlessness. Please for the sake of the environment and the impoverished children and people of BC, let the NDP win.

Well that's my prayer, I sure hope it's heard. Please collectively lets make it happen. Please Please make your vote heard. You ARE important! You COUNT! Be an example to your kids, get out and vote and you young people please exercise your right!! Today is the day, let's make it happen!!

And next time let the GREENS WIN!