Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So sad! :( We have such a dumb electoral system

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Omg...can't believe it. I thought NDP had a good chance. People were so lazy and apathic, they didn't vote. Now what will happen to the kids in this province and the environment.

Like something out of Avatar when she says "This is sad, very sad!!" I feel that bad, like her.

What a terrible thing to happen.

Why couldn't the GREENS win one year.

And we have such a dumb electoral system, and even though they've tried to change it 2x, people couldn't figure it out and look what happens...When will that archaic system change.

And with Social Media I don't understand why some super whiz kid can't run and win...

I gave my vote to NDP and hoped for the best but we couldn't do it. Now...I feel like throwing up. I'll be okay later but I can't watch anymore TV right now. And the news will be horrible for awhile as they go on and on about this.

This poor province.  Poopey, Poopey, Poopey!! "This is because I can't swear...I have a kid, and she gets mad if I do...and I shouldn't..well that's all I can say...Poopey, Poopey, Poopey!!  :( :( :(