Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hoopin' it up at the Vancouver Folk Festival 2013

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Hoopin' it up at the Vancouver Folk Festival 2013

We had a great time at the Folk Festival, as you can see we spent most of our time at the Hula Hoop area.  A few years ago when Angel was younger we spent most of the time at the Nylon Zoo! But alas my little cherub is growing up....almost the tween now...the big "11", so she was only into the facepainting and the hooping.

I need to practice the hooping more, it looks like so much fun, but so is capturing it all on video.
She did really great, notice how she learns to put her hands up and clap (ha! ha! that's because the band told everyone to do it!!) and then later she could do two together. She is really getting a hang of it.

The music was really great. It was hot!! we did find shade the hula hoop area( you guessed it!)

We brought food and a bottle of lemonade, which later I filled at the water stops for free! :D That was nice, if your going, definitely take a container.

I splurged and bought us a Moche Freeze with Whipped was the only frappe type drink I could find...and it was Angel's only request so we were on a mission. It was delicious. I think we got it at the Salt Springs coffee truck.

It's near the Food Court but not in it.

Sea of blankets

Hoopin' it up!

Zipolita y Angelita at Folk Festival 2013