Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Sacred Economy

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2013!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Yesterday I wasted many hours on an assignment I have in my course that I am taking right now. As I struggled in frustration I was questioning myself "Why am I doing this?"

I felt I should be spending quality time with my child. On the other hand the reason I am in this course is that I can get better at what I do so that I can provide a better life for us.

This morning I found an interesting article on a friend's Facebook page. The timing seems so obvious to me as this topic of sacred geometry keeps occurring. This post was about a Sacred Economy.

I'm not going to write to much as I want you to go and watch these videos and read what this man has to say and then to share, share, share.

If you want to talk about it later, please visit me on my Facebook page, as  I would really like to hear people thoughts and what they are doing related to this.

First visit this page and watch the video there...I've posted the video here but I want you to read his page.

Next please visit this page and read what Charles Eisenstien says. You can download his book for free or read it here.

Watch this video it will really make you think and hopefully give you hope!

For a long time I have felt money was evil. As an artist it was hard to take and ask for money for my art, in a weird way I almost feel my attitude pushed me into a financial poverty. Note I say "financial poverty" as I feel I am rich is health and love and talent and have been gifted with so many things.

Last year in Mexico I just put it out there to "gift" my videos and websites, it was all risk, ..maybe the people wouldn't like it, maybe they wouldn't trust me...I was so scared at first, it was hard to get started...but they did, and many even trusted me first,-- feeding us and then I gave the videos/websites in return. 

It was so beautiful...I was so happy, we were so loved. When I came home, I couldn't make it happen here...but I think the universe did reward me...that is how I got into my program. 

So I am asking you to please read these articles and watch these video and you will see what I am talking about. Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!! I am sending you lots of love and light!!

Zipolite, Mexico -Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Mazunte, Mexico -Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Oaxaca City-Dia de Los Muertos, Mexico -Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Oaxaca City- Mexico -Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013
Palenque- Mexico -Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

San Cristobal Las Casas- Mexico -Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Agua Azul, Chiapas- Mexico -Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013