Thursday, May 14, 2015

Welcome Back!!

Hey Welcome back to me and to you! I haven't blogged here for a year. Yikes. That's because I have been blogging on my other sites and and I have been on Facebook alot sharing everything I can that will help change this great big crazy world for the better.

I have been painting too! This has made me so healthy. When I am not creating I get sad. I don't feel well and a get sick. I need to create! Finally with the new job I could afford canvases and I have painted 6 beautiful oil paintings. These area all part of a bigger plan. They are from a series I call "Save Our Coast!" I hope to paint 10.    Then I hope to sell them and if God and all the angels smile on me I will somehow be able to start my green school.

If you have been following me, you will know I started this website The Changerzz when I was in my Interaction Design program and I have been gathering and sharing it all on the related Facebook page and Pinterest

I can't wait for the time when I have a big garden and a bunch of tiny houses and cob houses, I have it all planned out and I want to offer workshops and have kids come and learn. Kids are our future and they need to know there are alternatives out there, that we can change things. That they can be The Changerzz.

Oh so I was telling you about my paintings. In my course I learned Wordpress and this is the website.

You can see them all here

I've also been creating some magazine style books. I took all these gorgeous photos of my girl and made them into a little magazine.

They make a wonderful keepsake, especially because you get 8.5 x 11 full colour images. I made a little promo video here.

So now, if you find yourself here and I'm not, come visit on my other pages or FB or Twitter.

PS I just created this, it's my latest and greatest idea. Since I work on the island and I meet a lot of tourist, I am building this for them, so they can explore the island easier.

 If you know anyone who wants a little promo video, I'm your girl. Please email me or find me on Facebook or Twitter.